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Columbus Ohio Commercial Truck Products

Commercial Diamond Cap from JW Products

Columbus Ohio Commercial Truck Products
Do you own one of these trucks? GMC Canyon, Chevy Colorado, Chevy S-10, Ford Ranger, GMC Sonoma ... If so, Welcome to the Commercial Diamond Cap from JW Products.

There is nothing else like it! The Commercial Diamond Cap is designed by tradesmen for tradesmen. This is the only cap that lets you access the entire truck bed and cap from OUTSIDE the vehicle!

5 gallon buckets, large tools, tool boxes and more can be stored around your entire truck bed, and now you can actually reach them! Stop crawling around your truck. Save your back. Stand up straight. Work from the outside-in for a change

Standard Features:

  • 4 individual lockable storage compartments
  • 18 movable and removable storage bins
  • 8 movable and removable storage dividers
  • 24 handy storage hooks
  • Durable side-loading storage and ladder rack. Great for hauling plywood, drywall and 1x and 2x material.


  • Removable center-mount PVC pipe holder - perfect for plumbers and electricians
  • Rear-mount advertising/logo sign (not shown)

 Why Choose JW Products, Inc.?

  • Center Volume Storage is superior and exclusive. We own the patent.
  • Our many standard features make our cap more economical. We encourage you to compare.
  • Your tools are protected using durable, tough, rugged-looking diamond plate aluminum.
  • Like you, we are tradesmen. We designed it. We use it. We love it!

Check out JW Products' website for more information, www.diamondcap.net .

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