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At PickupsPlusCars, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection of top-tier wheels from reputable brands renowned for their craftsmanship and performance. We carry a huge selection of custom wheels from American Racing, such as Epic, Motto, DK, TIS, and more. Our experienced team of professionals is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, helping you choose the perfect wheels that match your vehicle's specifications, style preferences, and performance requirements.

With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust that the wheels you get from PickupsPlusCars are of the highest caliber, constructed from premium materials, and engineered to meet rigorous quality standards. They’re engineered using advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure precise fitment, optimal weight distribution, and maximum structural integrity, enhancing overall vehicle handling, stability, and ride comfort. You can also find innovative designs, finishes, and customization options, allowing you to personalize your vehicle and make a statement on the road.

American Racing Wheels

  • Customized Aesthetics

    To understand modern muscle cars and the wheel designs that support the look and performance of the modern-era muscle car, it is necessary to understand the history of American muscle briefly. The basic Detroit definition of a muscle car is a quick, 0-60 intermediate passenger sedan with suspension modifications, multi-cylinder horsepower with a throaty growl, and performance-oriented appearance modifications (spoiler or body kit).

  • Historical Greatness

    Historically, most enthusiasts agree that Chevrolet, Dodge, and Ford were building up to the muscle car movement in the early 60s, but the quintessential muscle car introduction may have been the 1964 Pontiac GTO. The most famous names of the era followed -- Cuda, GTO, Chevelle, Monte Carlo, Charger, Cutlass, Gran Torino, Grand Prix, Camaro, and Firebird. With smog controls and the oil embargo of 1973, body shapes changed and horsepower ratings declined. When the Hemi was no longer produced, performance and muscle car movement dropped. The muscle car movement was slightly revived in the 80s with the introduction of the Buick Regal and other GM performance offerings.

  • Modern Superiority

    Throughout muscle car history, American Racing wheels were considered standard equipment. Today American Racing defines muscle cars as modern performance cars with “attitude” -- Shelby®, GTO, Charger, Camaro, Cobra, Corvette, Magnum, Mustang, WS6, SS, Z06, M3 and many others. Some models are elevated to the status of muscle car by virtue of factory turbos or superchargers. Country of origin is irrelevant.

  • Unmatched Performance

    The designers and engineers at American Racing continue to create aggressive performance wheels, essential equipment for a true performance car. Staggered fitments, modern finishes, larger diameters, design elements borrowed from racing, and competitive strength-to-weight ratios, characterize the American Racing wheel style.

Common Wheel Questions

  • What are the signs that my vehicle's wheels need alignment?

    Common signs of misaligned wheels include uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibration, pulling to one side while driving, and a crooked steering wheel when driving straight. Getting a wheel alignment can improve handling, fuel efficiency, and tire longevity.
  • What are the benefits of upgrading to aftermarket wheels?

    Upgrading to aftermarket wheels can offer various benefits such as improved performance, enhanced aesthetics, customization options, and potentially lighter weight for better handling and fuel efficiency. However, it's essential to choose wheels that are compatible with the vehicle's specifications and intended use.
  • Can I use a different size of wheels and tires than what came with my vehicle originally?

    While it's possible to install wheels and tires of different sizes, it's crucial to consider factors such as compatibility with the vehicle's suspension, clearance, and overall performance. Modifying wheel and tire sizes can affect speedometer accuracy and handling characteristics, requiring adjustments to the vehicle's alignment and suspension.
  • How do I maintain and clean my vehicle's wheels properly?

    Proper wheel maintenance involves regular cleaning to remove dirt, brake dust, and road grime that can accumulate on the surface. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and a soft brush or cloth to clean the wheels, paying attention to intricate areas like spokes and rims. Applying a protective coating or wax can help repel contaminants and maintain the wheels' finish.

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