High-Quality Automotive Additives

Enhance the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your vehicle’s systems with the wide selection of specialized additives we offer at PickupsPlusCars. They’re formulated to address specific issues or improve certain aspects of your car’s operation, such as fuel economy, engine performance, lubrication, or emissions control. Common automotive additives are related to the fuel, oil, coolant, and transmission systems.

Fuel additives can improve fuel combustion, clean fuel injectors, and reduce carbon deposits in the engine, while oil additives enhance lubrication properties, reduce friction, and protect engine components from wear and corrosion. Coolant additives prevent corrosion, scale buildup, and overheating in the cooling system, and transmission additives improve shifting performance and extend transmission life. Additional performance-enhancing options include additives for other systems such as power steering, brake, and differential fluids.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

  • Performance Enhancement

    Automotive additives are specially formulated to enhance various aspects of your vehicle’s performance, such as improving fuel combustion, increasing engine power and torque, optimizing transmission shifting, and enhancing overall drivability.

  • Maintenance and Protection

    Additives help maintain and protect automotive systems and components by reducing wear and tear, preventing corrosion and rust, cleaning deposits and contaminants, and extending the lifespan of critical parts such as engines, transmissions, and cooling systems.

  • Efficiency Improvement

    Automotive additives can improve fuel efficiency by increasing fuel economy, reducing fuel consumption, and optimizing engine combustion processes. This not only saves money on fuel costs but also reduces emissions and environmental impact.

  • Versatility and Compatibility

    Automotive additives are available in various formulations and are compatible with different types of vehicles, engines, and systems. They can be used in gasoline, diesel, and hybrid vehicles, as well as in both older and newer models, providing versatility and flexibility for automotive maintenance and performance enhancement needs.


  • Are automotive additives safe to use in my vehicle?

    Yes, when used according to manufacturer instructions, automotive additives are generally safe for use in vehicles. However, it's essential to choose additives specifically formulated for your vehicle type and follow dosage recommendations carefully to avoid potential issues. Additionally, consult your vehicle's owner's manual or a trusted technician for guidance on compatible additives and proper usage.
  • How do automotive additives improve engine performance?

    Automotive additives improve engine performance by enhancing combustion efficiency, reducing friction and wear, cleaning deposits and contaminants, and protecting engine components from corrosion and damage. Depending on the type of additive, they can improve fuel economy, increase horsepower and torque, reduce emissions, and prolong engine life.
  • Can automotive additives fix existing engine problems?

    While automotive additives can help prevent and mitigate certain engine issues, they’re not a substitute for proper maintenance or repair of existing problems. Additives can address minor issues such as rough idling, hesitation, or knocking caused by deposits or contamination. However, more significant issues such as mechanical failures or severe damage may require professional diagnosis and repair by a qualified technician.
  • Are there specific additives for different automotive systems?

    Yes, automotive additives are available for various systems and components, including engines, transmissions, cooling systems, fuel systems, and power steering systems. Each type of additive is formulated to address specific issues and optimize performance in its respective system. It's essential to choose additives tailored to your vehicle's needs and compatible with the system you intend to treat.

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