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Elevate your driving experience with our state-of-the-art navigation systems, designed to guide you with precision and ease. Our selection features the latest in GPS technology, offering real-time traffic updates, detailed maps, and intuitive interfaces for stress-free travel. From sleek, integrated units to portable options, we provide solutions that fit your lifestyle and vehicle. Enhance your journey with clear directions, points of interest, and seamless connectivity to your devices. Plus, our skilled technicians are here to provide professional installation, ensuring your new navigation system is set up for optimal performance and convenience.

Best Automotive Navigation System Brands

  • Pioneer

    Pioneer takes you on a journey of sight and sound. A top maker of consumer and commercial electronics, Pioneer sells car electronics (stereos, speakers, navigation systems) to retailers and automobile makers. The company also sells other audio and video equipment to consumers (DVD players, stereo systems) and business customers (factory automation systems). Pioneer has more than 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company -- Pioneer Kabushiki Kaisha in Japanese -- was the first to offer customers the laser disc, car CD players, and car navigation devices that use a satellite-based global positioning system (GPS).

  • AVN

    AVN, the innovation that combines audio, visual, and navigation systems into one body, was originally developed by ECLIPSE. This concept has evolved into a high-quality car audio and navigation system based on safety and comfort, setting new standards of performance that distinguish the ECLIPSE brand from all others.

  • AVN Integrated Technology

    AVN offers outstanding functionality in one streamlined body. This concentration of three elements – audio, visual, and navigation – in a compact space provides users with the ability to make every drive more engaging.

  • AVN Fit and Comfort

    The sleek, compact design of AVN devices allows for a factory-fit appearance that enhances car interiors without affecting the driver’s view. Their user-friendly interfaces guarantee smooth operation and precise navigation. AVN’s sophisticated audio and visual attributes unite people and technology to create a comfortable mobile space. Not only do they create a relaxing atmosphere for passengers, they also communicate important information to the driver, establishing peace of mind by increasing driving awareness.

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