Professional Supercharger Upgrades

Supercharger and turbocharger upgrades are advanced modifications designed to enhance the performance of a vehicle's engine by increasing the amount of air that reaches the combustion chamber. These forced induction systems work by compressing air, allowing for a more significant air-fuel mixture, resulting in improved power and efficiency.

A supercharger is typically belt-driven and connects directly to the engine's crankshaft, providing an immediate boost in power. On the other hand, a turbocharger is powered by exhaust gases, utilizing the waste energy to compress incoming air. Both upgrades result in increased horsepower and torque, offering enthusiasts a thrilling boost in acceleration and overall engine performance.

Supercharger and Turbo Services

  • Roots-Type Superchargers

    Roots-type superchargers are a category of forced induction systems that use meshing lobes or rotors to compress air. Mounted on top of the engine, these superchargers provide immediate and linear power delivery, making them well-suited for applications where instant throttle response is crucial. Roots-type superchargers are known for their distinctive whining sound and are popular in various performance applications.

  • Centrifugal Superchargers

    Centrifugal superchargers operate similarly to turbochargers, using a compressor driven by a belt connected to the engine's crankshaft. They compress air in a more efficient manner compared to Roots-type superchargers and are favored for their ability to deliver substantial power gains across a wide RPM range. Centrifugal superchargers are often chosen for their scalability and compatibility with different engine setups.

  • Single Turbocharger Systems

    Single turbocharger systems consist of a single turbo unit connected to the exhaust manifold. These systems provide a significant increase in horsepower and torque, particularly at higher RPMs. Single turbo setups are known for their simplicity and cost-effectiveness, making them a popular choice for enthusiasts seeking a balance between performance and affordability.

  • Twin Turbocharger Systems

    Twin turbocharger systems involve the use of two turbochargers, either mounted in parallel or sequentially, to further increase air compression and engine performance. Twin-turbo setups provide enhanced power throughout the RPM range, minimizing turbo lag and delivering a smoother power curve. This category is often chosen for high-performance and racing applications, where maximizing power output is a priority.

Common Supercharger/Turbo Questions

  • Will adding a supercharger or turbocharger void my vehicle's warranty?s of installing a catback exhaust system on my vehicle?

    In most cases, installing a supercharger or turbocharger on your vehicle may impact its warranty, as these modifications can alter the original engine configuration. It's crucial to review your vehicle's warranty terms and consult with the manufacturer or dealership before proceeding with forced induction upgrades. Some aftermarket companies offer systems with CARB (California Air Resources Board) certification, ensuring emissions compliance and potentially minimizing warranty concerns.
  • How much horsepower can I expect from a supercharger or turbocharger upgrade?

    The horsepower gains from a supercharger or turbocharger upgrade can vary based on factors such as the specific system, engine type, and other modifications. Generally, these upgrades can result in significant horsepower increases, ranging from 30% to 100% or more.
  • What is the difference between superchargers and turbochargers, and which is better for my vehicle?

    Superchargers and turbochargers both serve the purpose of forced induction, but they operate differently. Superchargers are belt-driven and provide immediate power, ideal for instant throttle response. Turbochargers, powered by exhaust gases, offer efficiency and increased power across a wider RPM range. Centrifugal superchargers are often chosen for scalability, while twin-turbo systems offer enhanced power delivery throughout the RPM range.
  • Do I need to upgrade other components when adding a supercharger or turbocharger?

    Yes, upgrading other components is often necessary when adding a supercharger or turbocharger to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the entire system. Common upgrades may include fuel injectors, intercoolers, exhaust systems, and engine management systems. Additionally, proper tuning is crucial to optimize the air-fuel mixture and engine parameters. Consulting with experienced professionals and considering a comprehensive upgrade package can help address potential compatibility issues.

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Adam Gilbert
Adam Gilbert
Great people! Very happy with service and prices! Was done quickly! Thank you guys for a great job!!!!
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Wade Benjamin
Another Trophy winning job from Pickups Plus. The team did a fantastic job. Exhaust,windshield,window tint,dyno,cool air,wrap hood, tail band stripe. I take all my cars to Kyle and his team they always take excellent care of their customers. I highly recommend this company.
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T. Hollett
I’ve had multiple vehicles serviced by Pickups Plus over the years and most recently had under coating protection applied to a new vehicle. They worked me in quickly and did an excellent job. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and will definitely be back!
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the dad
Dan and Matt did a great job with my truck. Even when an issue arose, they got it sorted and taken care of. Couldn't be happier with the results. Will definitely be back for future mods!
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Eric Alv
Amazing work , Great Service and above all great results .
Came in from out of town - offered a price matched on a tonneau cover, brought in a tech to do a last minute Saturday install, reviewed other products and pricing online during the install. Joey very attentive with great follow-up. I am watching a leak (a little more than normal) and hope that it slows down as the cover gets in the heat and settles. I will contact Joey as needed.
Thomas Runyan
Thomas Runyan
Awesome place, great people to work with. Work has been done with excellence and at a great price. I'll be doing more work here in the future.
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Tyler Wilson
Pickups Plus Cars truly went above and beyond! From the flawless installation of new wheels on my Yukon to their quick thinking in providing black lug nuts when I forgot to get them, every aspect of my experience with them was exceptional. Their team's communication was outstanding, keeping me informed at every step and willing to accommodate my needs. I couldn't be happier with the outcome and highly recommend their services to anyone in need of automotive upgrades. Thank you, Pickups Plus Cars, for your professionalism and dedication to customer satisfaction!