Electronics Service and Upgrades

Our electronic services and upgrades include a wide array of different offerings. It can include audio system components like installing aftermarket amplifiers (amps) to boost audio performance, upgrading or replacing speakers, and installing advanced radio head units. We also offer installation of backup cameras, remote start systems, radar detectors, laser jammers, headlights, tail lights, off-road lights, and many more!

Our auto-electronic services cater to both entertainment enthusiasts seeking a premium audio experience and individuals looking to incorporate cutting-edge technology for added safety and convenience.

Sound Systems and Auto Electronics

  • Audio Enhancement

    Audio enhancement includes the installation of aftermarket amplifiers (amps) to boost audio power and clarity. Upgrading speakers to high-quality components ensures a more immersive and dynamic sound, catering to enthusiasts seeking a premium in-car entertainment experience. 

  • Upgraded Infotainment

    Infotainment system upgrades and services involve changing or installing new head units to modernize a vehicle's entertainment and connectivity options. Our technicians can install touch-screen displays, navigation systems, smartphone integration systems, and compatibility with streaming services. Upgraded head units can offer more than just an upgraded user experience, they can offer higher quality audio to enhance every part of the music listening experience while in your vehicle.

  • Camera Installs

    Camera installs include the installation of backup cameras, dash cameras, and front facing cameras. Backup cameras and front facing cameras can contribut to improved visibility and reduce the risk of collisions. Dash cameras can provide a piece of mind and be vital in the event of any sort of accident. Installing car cameras enhance safety and security by providing drivers with a clear view of their surroundings, especially in tight parking spaces or busy traffic situations.

  • Remote Start Systems

    Remote start systems allow drivers to start their vehicles without ever opening the door to their vehicle. With the install of a remote start comfort is ensured, because the interior will be at a desirable temperature before entering the vehicle. Remote start systems are particularly useful in extreme weather conditions, offering a convenient solution for warming up or cooling down the car before driving. Some remote start systems include a key fob dedicated to the remote start, some integrate directly into the factory key, and some work through a mobile app.

Common Auto Electronics Questions

  • Can I upgrade my vehicle's audio system without replacing the entire head unit?

    Yes, you can upgrade your vehicle's audio system without replacing the entire head unit. Auto electronics services often include solutions like adding aftermarket amps and upgrading speakers to enhance audio quality. Our skilled technicians can assess your current system, recommend suitable upgrades, and implement enhancements that align with your preferences and current head unit.
  • Will upgrading my infotainment system affect the warranty on my vehicle?

    In most cases, upgrading your infotainment system should not affect the overall warranty of your vehicle. However, it's essential to check your vehicle manufacturer's policies and warranty terms. Some manufacturers may have specific guidelines regarding modifications, and transparent communication with the dealership is crucial.
  • Can a backup camera be added to my older vehicle, and how does it improve safety?

    Yes, a backup camera can be added to older vehicles, contributing significantly to safety. Backup camera systems can be retrofitted to various vehicle models, some will integrate into a new rear-view mirror, some will integrate into the existing head unit, and some will require a new head unit. Contact our sales professionals to find out what solution works best for your use case!
  • How does a remote start system work, and is it compatible with all vehicles?

    Remote start system allows you to start your vehicle remotely using a key fob or a smartphone app. This system engages the engine, allowing it to warm up or cool down the interior before you enter. While remote start systems are compatible with a wide range of vehicles, compatibility may vary based on the vehicle's make and model. Our professional sales team can assess your vehicle and recommend a remote start system that will work in perfect harmony with your vehicle and your needs.

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