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Dyno service is a specialized process in which a vehicle is tested on a dynamometer while adjustments are made to optimize its performance. Our expert mechanics can precisely calibrate engine parameters like air-fuel ratio, ignition timing, and fuel mapping based on real-time data collected during the dyno run. Dyno service ensures that the engine operates at peak efficiency, maximizing horsepower, torque output, and fuel economy.

We can use dynamometer readings to make changes to enhance throttle response, drivability, and overall engine responsiveness. Whether for enthusiasts seeking peak performance or addressing issues like poor fuel efficiency, dyno servicing provides a tailored and data-driven approach to optimizing a vehicle's engine performance.

Dyno Servicing Guide

  • Performance Tuning

    Performance tuning on a dyno includes optimizing the air-fuel mixture, ignition timing, and fuel mapping to achieve peak engine performance. It's is popular among automotive enthusiasts and racers seeking to extract the maximum power from their engines for improved acceleration and overall speed.

  • Fuel Economy Tuning

    Dyno tuning is not limited to performance gains; it can also be utilized to enhance fuel efficiency. Fuel economy tuning involves adjusting the air-fuel ratio and other parameters to achieve an optimal balance that ensures efficient combustion. It's great for people with powerful engines who want to prioritize fuel savings without downgrading overall engine performance.

  • Drivability and Throttle Response Tuning

    Drivability tuning on a dyno includes adjustments to parameters that influence how the engine reacts to throttle inputs, resulting in smoother acceleration, reduced lag, and enhanced control. Fine-tuning these aspects contributes to a more enjoyable and responsive ride.

  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting

    Dyno tuning can be employed as a diagnostic tool to identify and address issues within the engine. Our mechanics will run the vehicle on the dyno to gather real-time data, helping them pinpoint problems such as misfires, sensor malfunctions, or other issues affecting performance. Troubleshooting tuning ensures that the engine operates optimally by addressing underlying issues.

Common Dyno Service Questions

  • How often should I consider dyno service for my vehicle?

    For enthusiasts seeking continuous optimization, an annual dyno session is a good practice. However, if you make significant modifications to your vehicle, such as installing new performance parts, it's advisable to schedule a dyno service session to ensure that the adjustments are dialed in for optimal performance and efficiency.
  • Is dyno service only for high-performance or modified vehicles?

    While dyno services are often associated with high-performance and modified vehicles, they can benefit a wide range of cars, including stock or daily-driven vehicles. Even in unmodified vehicles, dyno service can optimize factors like fuel efficiency and drivability, ensuring that the engine operates at its most efficient levels. Whether you're seeking better performance or simply looking to enhance your vehicle's overall operation, dyno servicing can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • Can dyno service fix issues like rough idling or hesitation during acceleration?

    Yes, by analyzing real-time data from the dyno run, technicians can identify and adjust parameters that contribute to these problems. Whether it's optimizing the air-fuel mixture, adjusting ignition timing, or fine-tuning throttle response, dyno service provides a data-driven approach to resolve issues related to idling and acceleration.
  • Can dyno service be done for electric or hybrid vehicles?

    Dyno servicing is traditionally associated with internal combustion engines, but advancements in automotive technology have expanded its applicability to electric and hybrid vehicles. While the process may differ, dyno service for these vehicles can optimize power delivery, battery management, and overall performance. Manufacturers or specialty shops with expertise in electric and hybrid systems can provide tailored dyno service solutions to enhance the efficiency of your electric vehicle.
  • What vehicles do you dyno service?

    • AWD vehicles
    • Trucks
    • Hemis
    • Mustangs
    • and many more!

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